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PU Volunteers’ Certificate Distribution


Planete Urgence Volunteer Yigit Turhan distributing the web log & social media certificates to ADECOM team

ADECOM and Kotukkural teams welcomed two volunteers from Planete Urgence for two weeks of trainings. Anthony Personeni from France taught MS Office and Internet to a group of 10 students at the Kotukkural office in Pondicherry. Yigit Turhan from Italy taught Web Log & Social Media Networks to the ADECOM team. DSCF9842 DSCF9818On August 15th, after two weeks, we all gathered at the Kotukkural office for the distribution of our certificates. It was the independence day of India and the committee talked about the freedom. Mr. Perumal stated that India got its freedom but the oppressed communities are still not free and there are lots of things to do: the freedom starts with knowledge and both teams -Kotukkural & ADECOM- do anything possible from skill training to internet classes to legal advice. Ms. Lalidamballe discussed the importance of blogs and social media networks. All students were happy when she informed that the knowledge she gained from Yigit will be transfered to the students in future classes. Mr. Yigit discussed the importance of storytelling and how it might be hard to change the past but the future can be reshaped. Everybody has a unique story and internet is a powerful tool to raise awareness about these stories. Mr. Anthony discussed the importance of MS. Office and skills for finding new jobs. DSCF9806 DSCF9803 DSCF979715 students and team members benefited from the volunteer programs of Planete Urgence and we look forward to receive more international volunteers in the upcoming months. Please check the volunteers page for more information. Thanks.

Planete Urgence Volunteer Anthony Personeni recieving a gift from his kootukural computer training students & Lalidamballe from ADECOM

Planete Urgence Volunteer Anthony Personeni recieving a gift from his kootukural computer training students & Lalidamballe from ADECOM

Meet the new volunteer from Italy



Trainer explaining to the ADECOMtea



trainer Yigit

ADECOM team is learning weblog updating and new posting with the support of Turkish Volunteer Yigit from Italy.  He is teaching two weeks to five members working in ADECOM and KootuKKural.  The training volunteer sent by Planet Urgence from France for executing the mission in South India.




Trainer with Prabagaran and Kandavel


Trainer Mr. Yigit from Italy


Trainer Yigit with Lalida from ADECOM








The first two days the team members were observed and learnt about the weblog pages, new posting, giving reply to the comments etc.  Team really benefited through this training for developing the weblog for creating more information and useful to the local and international viewers.

Learning computer easily and quickly

ADECOM;s computer training started on May 2014.

  • We talked about ADECOM’s mission and Objectives.
  • Started the training to the students about the usage and utilization.
  • We started the course on Ms office and framed the exercise for their easy learning.
  • We planned to teach Ms. office, Excel, Powerpoint presentation etc.
  • Totally 12 students benefited through this training for three months.
  • One of the student Mr.Balaraman really showed interest and he said the following statement.

DSCF7674I got the computer training very easily and quickly with the support of ADECOM computer Instructor.  I learn t a lot about the computer usage and got certificate.  I decided to be a volunteer of ADECOM to teach the same knowledge to the community.