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Legal Public Hearing

On 27th September 2013 legal public hearing was held in Uchimedu office under the leadership of Hon’ble Judge Ms. Prabavathy. Mr. Perumal participated on behalf of ADECOM, he explained the objectives of ADECOM and also explained the reason why ADECOM is working for Dalit People and self employment training, computer


training and, tailoring training. Ms. Aruna and Ms. Deepa were participated. Women were participated with their demand to submit to the Judge. She explained why th

e legal public hearing is important. Women are not possible come to court, this event to motivate the women for file the demand petition to the Judge. So I came here to see you all and try to solve the problems. Women in that meeting requested to conduct this public hearing in their village also. She explained that every villager people are asking the same thing but you have to come to Legal authority to solve the problems. If possible ADECOM will organize this kind to public hearing in every village.Ms. Mageshwari and Ms. sumathi also participated in this meeting.

Legal Camp – To collect all legal documents


The Legal camp was organized on July 18th at Vadukuppam village of Villupuram district under the leadership of Manjula. Totally 81 women were participated in this camp. She explains the importance for the birth certificate, marriage certificate and other document to need. They collected to the documents for getting the those certificates. Mr. soundarasu and Ms.Girija were participated as resource person to address about the imports to legal document for their rights. Then Ms. Chitradevi gave brief information about importance of birth and marriage certificate. How is apply to get that certificate.   Ms. Lalida was also participated in this camp, women are mostly not interested to register their marriage. This problem is not easy to solve when she has trouble with husband, so women should register their Marriage though this camp. She also informed ADECOM helps the people to get birth and marriage certificate, to solve the problems the legal problem for women.

Legal Training to develop women capacity

Legal training was held on 31th May in VTC office at Uchimedu under the leadership of   Ms. Lalidamalle and Ms.Suganya gave speech about the objectives and principles of ADECOM network and the problems faced by women in our society and how ADECOM helps women to overcome those problems. Ms. Banu the women leader was participated the training to motivate the women. She explains to the women about the various aspect of the legal system to protect the women. The women leader      Ms. Sangeetha from Seliyamedu was also participated in this meeting. Mr. Perumal stated the problems and problem tackling techniques legally. Also he highlighted that legal advice and solution will be given to domestic violence, change of name, certificate issues and economic problems to solve legally.  Finally the meeting was end up successfully with vote of thanks by organizer Mr. A. Ashok. At the end of the meeting, field worker were note down the problems of the women such as seeking to get birth certificate, change of name in the birth certificate, change of birth date in the birth certificate, and seeking to get Ration ID.Image