Our Team

Ms P. Lalidamballe, Director, Co-Founder and Managing Trustee

Ms Lalidamballe helped to found ADECOM Network in 1989. She has worked tirelessly for oppressed women ever since. She is also a member of the co-ordination committee of Maitri Network, which brings together Indian NGOs to empower women from oppressed communities.

Ms Lalidamballe has written several booklets, including, Navayana, about the revolutionary philosophy of Dr Ambedkar; Dalit Women, Land Politics, and Tourism Tangle. She has an MBA in Economics

Board of Trustees

Mr. Christy Packiaraj is a senior Trustee with responsibility for finance. He has worked with ADECOM Network since its inception in 1992. He has more than 40 years’ experience in local business. He established the Puducherry-based export company, Sea link. He has continuously supported ADECOM Network’s development for women and children.

Ms K. Sankari is a school teacher working in Pondicherry. She joined the Board in 2008.Since then, she has actively participated in ADECOM Network’s activities, contributing ideas for the development of our work. She regularly attends our events to promote women’s rights.

Ms V. Kalaiselvi is Assistant Professor in Economics at Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. She was appointed a trustee of ADECOM Network in 2009. She is also actively participates in the all our programmes and activivities.

Mr N. K. Perumal is a Senior Advocate and practices at Puducherry District Court. He was appointed a Trustee in 2012. He provides free legal advice to women victims of domestic violence. He also supports ADECOM Network regularly and liaises with local government officials and Ministers. He advises ADECOM Network on legal issues concerning extending our social and legal programmes for the benefit of women and children.