Children's Development

Gender Sensitization Campaign

Creating Empathy

ADECom advocates that change must come from all sides when addressing Violence against Women. In 2016 ADECom launched the Gender Sensitization Program, working with boys, as well as married and un-married young men through workshops that raise awareness and promote empathy
Through our village workshops boys and young men are educated on women’s safety and security measures, women’s rights and how to identify violence against women. Participating boys share household tasks with their mothers, such as sweeping, water retrieval, cooking, laundry and going to the market; increasing the responsibility of the boys and raising awareness in the household.

In 2017, 15 boys from the Vathaur village were moved to create a petition on the behalf of the village women for clean toilets, a proper road and a street light.

Cadres Meetings

Creating Awarness

We work to empower future generations by educating them on the rights of women in India.

We create awareness surrounding the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005 through social workshops in villages throughout Tamil Nadu.