Action through theatre

Our sister organisation, Kootu-K-Kural – or ‘Collective Voice’ – takes action for oppressed people’s rights using traditional performance art.

Kootu-K-Kural staff and volunteers stage street performances and theatre workshops in villages and slums. They build awareness of important social issues and encourage positive behaviour change in oppressed communities.

Kootu-K-Kural uses traditional Dalit music and drama, storytelling and arts and craft to engage children, young people and women about domestic violence, education and rights. In this way, it encourages them to get involved in creating a better future for oppressed people in South India. It also gives them the opportunity to enjoy themselves and practice new skills.

Kootu-K-Kural provides employment and development opportunities for local young people. Staff members are recruited from local oppressed communities, and are trained in performance art, IT and other business skills. Currently, all Kootu-K-Kural team members come from local Dalit communities.

Kootu-K-Kural works closely alongside ADECOM Network in delivering our programmes, such as IT and tailoring skills and our Women’s Movement.