Grassroots women's empowerment

We empower women to tackle violence and discrimination in their communities.

Through our grassroots women’s movement, Ambal Ambedkar Pengal Pagutharivu Iyyakkam (AAPPI), vulnerable women work together to tackle local challenges.

The movement is formed of a network of 40 women’s leaders. Each monitors domestic and other forms of violence against women in a local cluster, formed of their own and surrounding villages. They meet with ADECOM Network staff on monthly basis, drawing on our legal and counselling services when required to help address local cases. In this way, local women from oppressed communities are at the forefront of tackling violence against women.

The women’s leaders also take part in the local Gram Sabha government meetings. This gives oppressed women a voice in local decision-making on issues that affect them.

Mangalakshmi’s story

Mangalakshmi is a Women’s Leader. Now aged 57, she struggled to raise her three children alone after her husband left her several years ago. As a home-maker, she has no independent source of income.

In 2009, ADECOM Network held a women’s awareness meeting in her village, Sellipattu. Seeing the opportunity to help other women, Mangalakshmi was motivated to join the AAPPI. “I found out more about women’s development and rights”, she says.

Now she works alongside ADECOM Network, monitoring violence against women and promoting self-employment opportunities. She also sees herself as a role model for other women. “I’m proud to be a women’s leader”, she says. “I want to spread the spirit of women’s development to other villages. Being an AAPPI leader gives me the chance to do this”.